The real voice…

In the darkest of times, I often find. A voice within. Directing me to where 
I need to go. The wind thrashes me and the rain maligns me. Telling me to 
stop. But I don't. The voice within is very convincing. It is above 
everything else. The more I believe it the more thrashing I get. That is the
thing about belief. Just saying that you believe in something is not enough.
Following your belief to the very end is the most important. When in the dark
I hear that beautiful voice telling me to keep walking. I can't see ahead but
I am convinced that it is the right path. What is this voice? I often wonder.
I realize that it is the voice coming from deep within my heart. It is the
voice that is originated from the true source. It has no external layers
over it. It is free from all prejudices. It is the source of intelligence.
For years It was trapped inside. It was there but I couldn't hear it. When
I truly began thinking, I realized the voice. I have let many to stop the voice
before it could make an effect. Now I won't. The voice will now travel freely
making other voices come out. It will direct me to somewhere I have never been
before. It is not just a voice. It is my voice. The real evidence that proves
my existence. My real voice. 

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