tussle between heart and mind

We wanted to jump over a big obstacle, so we started practicing.
We went to an open land and tried jumping between two ends, just to see how big obstacle can we pass.
In the start we were very bad, but slowly because of practice we almost jumped the length of the obstacle which we needed to jump.
But it was just practice and I thought we should practice more before we went for the actual obstacle.
But he didn’t listened to me, he wanted to jump without wasting any time.
If it was for him, he would have jumped without any practice.
But as he let me practice I thought it was Time now that I should listen to him and stop practicing more, and go for the main jump.
So we headed for our main jump and took our position.
We both believed in our decision and went for the jump, and the next moment we were over that obstacle.We were both satisfied after passing through the obstacle.
It was the mutual coordination between us in taking the decision which let us complete our task efficiently.
I was the mind and he was the heart and the balance which was between us got us through that obstacle.
It is very necessary in life to maintain a balance between the mind and the heart and if we do that we can pass through any obstacle…

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  1. Mabel Kwong says:

    This is such a well-written piece on challenging oneself and focusing on the end goal. Life is certainly a series of obstacles and often we don’t go through it alone. That is, we need others around us to help us along the way. We need to be open-minded and see things from different perspectives, like how you alluded to with the heart and balance metaphors. Also, I felt this piece could also apply to relationships: sometimes we need to put our differences together and make them work to make a relationship work 🙂

    1. shreyans says:

      yes absolutely right……to get something we have to give something..thank you so much for reading..i appreciate..
      keep blogging.

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