Understanding an Introvert.

What goes on in someone’s mind? It is a question troubling many people who are surrounded by introverts. Because when someone doesn’t speak, it becomes really difficult to grasp the feelings. Whether the person is happy or sad is very difficult to determine by facial expressions.

So, I had this friend, who was introvert. He was just plain silent. Whatever situation he was in, it didn’t show on his face. At first it is really difficult to comprehend. It is also sometimes frustrating to not get a reaction.

I was telling him about a tragedy in my life that was quite recent and as he was my friend, I was just sharing with him to hear something that might cheer me up. But there was no reaction. He seemed to not care much.

The next day when I was in college, he came up to me and told me that there is this place we need to go. And I was free so I agreed. We went to watch a movie with our group and then we hung out at our room.

We all laughed together after a long time. I noticed he also laughed and enjoyed. I realized that people might have different mediums of expression. And it is not that difficult to comprehend. Introverts might not express what they are feeling but since they think a lot, they will do something that is the aptest thing to do in a situation. You can’t force them into a reaction. They love to react naturally.

2 thoughts on “Understanding an Introvert.”

  1. Hargun Wahi says:

    Well said! Introverts observe and may surprise one when they actually chose to react.

    1. admin says:

      Thank you hargun.

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