A lovely bucolic setting. Farmers are sitting under a giant round figure which is pitching brightness from all sides of the blue texture above. Back then, the sun was not named. There were different names given to it according to the purpose it served. Like people used to call it the ball of light. And they were right too. As they all were sitting and expecting the light god to go and the rain god to return, a sudden explosion took place above.
Far away somewhere, something happened. Silence ruled around everywhere. All of them got afraid. It was the fear of the unknown. Lately, things have been happening to them and they were scared to hell. But they are together and alive. They could hear each other’s heartbeat racing on the tunes of the unknown. But they still want to know things. ‘What is on the other side?’ , They wonder.
I am walking towards my office. I am really scared. I am fifteen minutes late. Another opportunity for my boss to yell at me. People are shouting on the roads as I walk, My nerves are getting squeezed inside. The fear is now dancing on my forehead. I look around and see. There is nothing much happening, except in my head. In my head, I am still in that bucolic setting fearing from that explosion somewhere. Fearing the unknown.

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