Vermicelli Pancakes

Vermicelli pancakes are a delicious and mouth-watering experience. Made by Vermicelli (Sevaiyaa) mixed with green vegetables and tomato. With every bite one can feel the taste of the vegetables being used. We used beans, peas, cucumber, green chilly and tomato. The amalgamation of all the vegetables with suji and curd paved the way for a shallow fry on pan. The resulting patti is then served with coriander mint chutney. The dish is known as vermicelli pancakes or sevaiyaa patti.

With the Vermicelli Pancakes we also prepared Kesar jalebi and Mango lassi to sweeten the flavor of vermicelli pancakes. The food is prepared and decorated for it’s serving.


We really enjoyed making these. I hope what we prepared was mouth-watering for you. The pancakes are healthy because of all the vegetables used and the taste was delicious. The Jalebi served as the perfect dessert and at the end the mango lassi made the experience surreal.

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