Is it me?Or its them?, baffled and lost, I wonder

How does a little moon block so much of sunlight?

When a child, I would often go to the terrace to find out

It made me want to think. Also, in a way, to keep the fervor alive

I used to get fed up of the real-world shit. Yet, I was hopeful

I believed that time changes people, I wasn’t wrong

It did change many, From better to worse

I am struggling to find the real and the search is exhausting

It is painful to the soul, if there is one

It is terrifying for the mind, if it still is thinking

When the society went online, I didn’t realize the real would become an illusion

The fakeness went viral, It lured us all in

The fancy seduced our bodies and the new real was fake

And today,

Those who aren’t fake are unreal

The lies, big, fat, and ugly are being cooked into a delicious treat

So mouthwatering that questioning their authenticity is a waste of time

Moments and relationships are reduced to a single day of the year

Sometimes, it troubles the insane

We do not know how to comprehend the new real

We still record our moments in our minds

And look them back by just closing our eyes

We don’t need a hard drive, with lots of space

And another something for a backup in case it gets busted

The fake is like a virus, deadlier than many

It kills the soul, Ones without the soul aren’t worried though

In their world, the virus is like god, they worship it

The hard drive of their mind has been cleaned

And the soul has been replaced by their new god

We are like the devils for them, they are afraid of us

And of the shit we talk, because, our soul thinks

But sometimes we get sucked in too, when there is too much pressure

Because showing love to someone has never been easier

A click and a touch and boom, the new god’s world is addictive

It is progressive because showing love and emotions is mandatory

Even if someone receives it or not, doesn’t matter

With a condition though, your love needs to receive reactions

Your god won’t work without it, it feeds on other’s opinions

What we assumed the social would be one day was a huge miscalculation

We thought it would be for sharing our potential and nourishing our souls and minds

For sharing our grief and releasing the love that binds

but what is bound, is the soul, their soul, trapped in the chamber of the new god

Yes, it is not entirely replaced, It exists, devoid of freedom

The mind is a much-advanced hard drive, it carried backups of backups and kept the soul alive

We, who were many back then, now, are just a few

Often, when I don’t get to see others, I wonder, is it just me?

4 thoughts on “We”

  1. Charlie Jain says:

    Woww… Words blended beautifully… Giving so much meaning to what’s been happening… I agree… Social has become something else…
    For Eg
    People in old days never would get dark circles.. and now.. every other person can be seen with dark circles.. we are going in the wrong direction.
    People should atleast now start realising what is social media doing to us.

    1. shreyans says:

      Thank you so Much…….)

    1. admin says:

      Thank you so much..

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