What a dream it was !



I was walking with bare feet,

Into an unknown world,

the body was sweating immensely,

the mind was lethargic,

it was occupied with thirst for some water,

I dragged my body towards that stream,

Which was creating a euphony by its fluctuating waves,

Exasperated by my rapid breath,

I walked ahead,

I was able to see those particles Of water,

 dancing in ecstasy,

calling out to me,

and as I hurried,

a thorn pierced my skin,

from the bottom of my right foot,

it looked inside my flesh,

it threatened every single particle inside,

in return, those fearful particles,

called out to my brain for help,

the thorn was out, but the pain stayed,

walking further was deleterious,

but I continued,

it was all worth it,

when my throat finally caressed that pure water,

and then suddenly I woke up,

feeling content,

Wondering, what a dream it was,


Determined more than ever,

To remove all thorns of life,

and move ahead,

To satisfy the soul’s thirst,

of the eternal truth…

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  1. closetwriter says:

    Quite a long one ! But worth the time!

    1. shreyans says:

      Thank you so much
      Glad you liked..

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