who is happy ?

Part 1:
She completed her graduation in commerce,well, that was the easiest thing that her parents wanted from her, now they can find a suitable boy for her, for whom she can cook for her entire life, from whatever she had learned in her graduation. She had no choice earlier to chose a different field, she was in no position to chose science,  her grades ensured that fact, though, she was good in English and literature, and she might have taken arts. But, in India, arts is for those who have very poor grades and who have no choice left.
Her parents wanted her to take commerce, as it was the typical degree for the bio-data. And they were right, she finally got married, and not because of the degree, though the degree was needed to tell the relatives that their daughter is educated, but she actually got married because she looked pretty enough for the boy, and also the boy’s family thought that she could serve their family and keep its name for years to come.
Everyone was happy when the marriage was happening, all was good.
A few years after the marriage, her husband was shouting at her badly, she was crying. She accidentally caught him talking to some girl earlier, and hence he was shouting to defend himself, actually there was nothing left to defend. She informed her parents about it and they said it is your own matter, deal with it.
Part 2:
He cleared his college, the marks were not good. Actually he was never really interested in studies. Not even a single subject gathered his interest. But he passed, as he was not so dumb. He knew how to score with the minimum resources.
His parents never really worried, they never bothered about his grades, they had enough money. After a few years, they chose a girl for him, she was nice looking, and within a few months he got married.
He was a good dancer though, but he never really thought of it as a career. After marriage he was finding trouble to open up with his wife, as he still was not sure about his own life, also, her wife also was not bothered.
He never really wanted to marry, but his parents were forcing him, and he never had the courage to go against them.
One day when he went for his dance class, he saw a girl, she was dancing beautifully. The teacher introduced them with each other. They started meeting daily, in and out of the class. And soon, they fell for each other. When he was talking to her on the phone his wife caught him.

Part 3:
They both kept fighting for days, and one day they finally shared the truth with each other. They admitted the fact that both of them never really wanted the marriage.
But then who wanted it?
Of course their parents.
But why?
For their happiness obviously.
But who was happy?
No one.
They thought about it and finally got divorced.
Their parents were not supportive. They had ego issues, because if they wanted their happiness then they would have supported them. But their ego surpassed the love by just a little margin, but that was enough for them to lose their minds.
Both of them went in different directions of their own.
What happened next?
It doesn’t matter, whatever happens, it is life, but further on whatever decision they will take will be their own, that doesn’t mean that they will not consider their parents, but by taking decisions only will they learn and grow. And they will be happy even if they don’t succeed because they will be doing what they want.
And ultimately the parents will be happy seeing their children happy….

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  1. iamgraceaji says:

    Very true! Peace of mind is so necessary. ..i wish every individual should be allowed to live on their terms. Why must the society impose themselves upon us…hope we change our mentality. ..

    1. shreyans says:

      Yes indeed…you are right..
      Thank you for reading..

  2. Sakshi Gour says:

    Yep! Parents eventually want to see their children happy.. more than anything else.. 🙂
    Hope we get the courage to follow what we really want to do.. 🙂

  3. shreyans says:

    Yes..true..because it is easier said than done..
    Thanks for reading..

  4. mandibelle16 says:

    The reality that’s some cultures are so stuck in tradition a societal norms is sad. One is able to see in this piece how what the parents thought was right because it was how things were always done, didn’t end up happy for anyone. I’m glad in the end the couple talked and worked things out so they could divorce. Forcing them together, thinking it was good, was ever a wise idea.
    I had a friend in high school named Priya. Priya’s parents told her if she didn’t take Engineering in University, they would marry her off immediately. We all felt so bad for her. Like your character, there were other subject areas Priya was good at but as with this culture, maths, sciences, business etc we’re deemed more important than art and culture. It’s sad, not to see they value in these areas of education too.
    Very revealing piece in how in some areas of the world women have it very difficult still. Even men to some degree.

    1. shreyans says:

      Yes you said the truth. And this problem is like cancer, there seems to be no cure, everything has been tried, but people just don’t want to get out of their ignorance. It is very frustrating sometimes. But one has to keep on trying.
      Thank you so much for reading.

  5. Madhavi Singh says:

    The truth of life beautifully portrayed.
    Although, there was a part of me who wanted to keep reading. Maybe out of curiosity to know what happens next. 🙂

    1. shreyans says:

      Yes…you are right…but I ended it there because I wanted to sound real..happy endings generally make people think that it is all filmy and it doesn’t happen in real life..but I do believe in them because they do end up like that…will think if I could write a part 4..
      Thank you so so much for visiting..

      1. Madhavi Singh says:

        No problem. 🙂
        The curiosity here is of “How will the story end? Is it a happy ending or a sad, heartbreaking ending?”
        You wrote it well. Good luck for your future posts.

  6. shreyans says:

    It is happy for sure…i have never seen a sad ending in my life..it all eventually turns out to be good..what do you think?

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