Drowning inside the pool of jealousy and hatred
My body fights with the soul
The body needs appreciation 
It needs recognition by other bodies
The soul consoles itself 
It believes in true expression
It does not need results
It tries to bring the body out
From the illusion of lies
Only then it can achieve 
The state of pure expression
The body tries but it takes time
The soul waits
How long it can wait?
Death is driving fast
Above the speed limit
It is before time
It is here
The soul is pulling the body
It is now a war
Not the world war
But bigger and greater
Still not sure who wins.

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  1. Sreeblogs says:

    Beautifully written

  2. ummati8 says:

    This is amazing…very well written battle between body and soul 👏👏

    1. shreyans says:

      Thanks for reading!

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