Why do you care?

And I ask to the people, ‘Why do you care?’

They won’t answer

My heart beats and protects the soul

From their constant maligning

One day I was sitting in my house

And some relatives joined

They started asking questions

It was all easy

Someone is interested in your life

It is remarkable

But questions are not a problem

It is the look they give after listening to the answers

Serious judgment

And then I started laughing

What else can one do?

I judged them

Assuming them as idiots

I walked in the evening to the garden

Outside my house

And I saw a child sitting on a chair  

I sat near him and shared my grief

And he heard everything

He gave me a warm smile

And ran away

I sat there and wondered

People are different than that child

The child was way better

And he was around 10 years old

I am sure now that they are idiots

My heart still protecting the soul

And they are still maligning me

I asked them, ‘Why do you care?’

And I started laughing thinking about that child

I changed my question and asked, ‘How old are you?’

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