Writing History

I always thought that ours is the generation that has stayed away from our troubled history and is too far away from any impending world war. History was always a mystery and the future was a fantasy. I was wrong. It hit me when I realized that we are actually going into a nationwide lockdown for 21 days.

We are the history that our next generation is going to study. It’s in our hands to write what we want. We all have a chance to be a hero that we cherished in our history. The valor of Bhagat Singh and the patience of Mahatma Gandhi that we often assumed as too far-fetched, are the only qualities that we need right now to come out of this situation triumphantly.

It is reduced to a very simple equation now. Our life in our hands. Let’s be brave and patient in creating history. It has been proven now, that even a very little disruption in nature can change the course of events drastically. A virus invisible to the naked eye has created havoc in people’s minds. Think before doing anything. A little step outside your house has the potential to alter the happening of events.

In this fast-paced life you have often missed some time off for yourself and this is your chance. Learn something new, create something beautiful. Write a new chapter each day and be a hero in your story. Leave a world in which our next generation can be proud of us. Develop a new habit. It is believed that a thing you do continuously for 21 days becomes a habit. Here is your chance. Let us all write history worth reading.

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