Wrong Number-Part one

A big explosion was heard in the neighborhood as the new year just kicked in. I was sitting in my room watching a movie on my phone. Within 30 seconds I started getting New Year messages from friends and family. People were coming live on various social networking sites to show how great their New Year celebration is going on. After five minutes I again got back to the movie which was about to end.

At around 12.30 the movie got over and I closed my eyes. I was not able to sleep as I was constantly thinking about the hardships I faced in the year and there was no reason to celebrate this New Year. I just kept looking at the ceiling fan above. My eyes soon got tired and drifted to sleep. At around 3 am I heard my phone ringing. Still in sleep, I managed to grab my phone from the side table. It was an unknown number. I picked up the phone and there was a girl on the line.

‘Hi, Jisha here, Happy New Year, how have you been Sam?’ Jisha asked from the other side in a vibrant voice.

Hey, I am fine, but I am not Sam, you must have got the wrong number. Anyways a very Happy New Year to you too’, I replied in a happy voice.

‘Ohh. I am so sorry to disturb you. Bye. Sorry again for the trouble’, Jisha said in a low voice.

‘It’s okay. No problem at all. Bye’, I replied and disconnected the call.

At this time of the night I found it strange and funny for someone to dial wrong number. I never heard that voice before and that’s why I was tempted to believe the caller. I thought there is a chance someone is playing a prank on me. I again started looking at the ceiling fan till I again drifted to sleep.

I told this story to all my friends, except for the part that I called Jisha again that night. We talked till 6am in the morning.  

I chose to keep this away from my friends because I knew they would ask questions and I was in no mood to share anything else, because with a girl and a boy there ought to be something cooking. Jisha was just my New Year buddy with whom I had a lot in common. We talk every year at the same time and on the same date about how our year went, and it’s been six years since our first talk. I haven’t seen her photos and we haven’t met. We just talk on New Year’s and take our frustrations out without judging each other.

It was the 7th year and Jisha’s turn to call. We used to call each other alternately so that we both knew we want to talk. It was 4 am and there was no call. I thought it was the end. I thought maybe she got bored eventually.

I had to call her and confirm. So I did.

Part 2 coming soon.

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